torsdag 22. juli 2010

Stuff and whatnot.

Sitting in a pretty damn nice hotel in New York, so I can`t really be bothered with trying to write norwegian. Either you read it in english, or you die from ... something. Who knows.

The roadtrip up from Key West to Boston went great. We more or less wasted a day seeing tiny towns that apparently was supposed to be great, but we didn`t really get all into it. I guess that was ... lalaborough and whateverville.

Both Savannah and Georgetown were nice cities, though, and I`d kinda like to go back to Savannah. It was a cool mix of creepy slavery-reminding and great architecture.

Up near Boston we visited family, I got to play Axis and Allies (a board-game I played 20 years ago) again and just had fun. We also visited great family in New Jersey.

Now it`s my brothers birthday, and I guess I should get him a present. I`m thinking some sort of device for being even more capitalistic. The capitaliststick2000, probably.
Oh, and I had the best Chinese food ever yesterday. Their soup-dumblings .. aaaah awesome!

So .. err .. pictures later, since I`m on the hotels kinda shabby pc, and their wlan is 15 dollars pr day and sucks copious amounts of sharknose. So .. back to Norway tomorrow evening. Kinda looking forward to it.

And to M. I`m so sorry for your loss, and wish I was there with you instead of here. Looking forward to getting back to you.

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